Asked her out: wasn't yes, wasn't no.

Background: Liked this girl for a few months but did nothing as she told me in a text message she had a bf. Since I have determined this is actually a miscommunication- meant male friend! doh! (English isn't her first language)
In this time we have become good classmates/friends and always talking or messaging each other; joking and sharing life experiences. But only once alone socially (cooking Christmas dinner together)
I decided that the bf thing was a miscommunication and I will go for it (although nervously; some social anxiety within me unfortunately. plus Im not 'photogenic' and she really is). So tonight, after class, I did ("are you interested in going to dinner with me").
At first I got an "ah, oh, umm, err" which I saw as her trying to think of a way to let me down nicely so I jumped in with "oh, its, OK.." but got a "no, its just youve surprised me. You mean tonight?". "I was thinking Saturday". "Oh, I can't on Sat

The site cut off the rest:
she has a valid reason for not on Sat. I asked if next week is better. She said that at the moment we are both too busy with Uni (sorta true). And "maybe later".


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  • If I was in your shoes I would have taken that as a rejection hidden underneath a layer of cowardice but I could be mistaken.


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  • Going by your description, it was a 'no'. She just thought a bit, and then rejected you. In all probability, you're done with this girl. Time to move on to the next one!