Best way to get shy guy's attention and tell him how I feel?

Well? Advice, comments? How should I do it? In person? Phone (If I get his number) letter? What would be less stressful on him? And how should I do it? Straight up, I'm attracted to you? Or?

Anyone else?


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  • start talking to him, he will like that, and then try to see if he can hangout over the weekend then ask him if he wants your number, he should say yes, give it to him and see if he will handle the rest from there, which he should.

    • We do talk already... sorta but he's always busy with something so it can be hard and with his work I don't see him that much. (out of town quite often)

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    • Define keywords...

    • terms of endearment in a way, so words that you would use on a significant other or someone really special.

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  • It depends on how close friends you two are. I personally would prefer face to face, bu he might not. Try and talk to him on Facebook and ask to hang out or something like that. I think straight up is usually the best option, but not bluntly and out of the blue, lead up to it
    As someone who is shy I should be able to give good advice, but it depends on him and your current relationship

    • Friendly but not close. He doesn't have fb that I know of. I searched. We know stuff about each other so you can say friends of a sort.

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    • I don't know his friends really. That the prob.

    • Ah yeah, that can be an issue. Maybe just go straight to you and him, or find some excuse to hang out more often. Being in different friend groups does make it a bit trickier

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