What should I do when a girl does not return my call?

Id been talking to this girl for about a week...we went out a few times with friends and to a football game, she started holding my hand, we kissed a few times. Then she suggests that we start seeing each other without friends around. Then, SHE adds me on Facebook, and starts texting me telling me about her day and wondering what I'm doing throughout the week...One night later in the week I call her to see if she wanted to do something and she never answered and I didn't leave a voice mail...she hasn't called back and that was a day ago...What now?


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  • Why didn't you leave a voicemail? When you call you should always leave a voicemail unless you are calling a good friend or family member and it wasn't that important. That is what a call without a message means "it wasn't important". That's not the kind of impression you want to leave with someone you are dating. I would call again since it has been a day, and leave a message letting her know you would like to talk to her and see when she is available to go out.

    • Ill admit that I'm a little nervous calling her again.....I had sent her a message earlier in the week telling her to pick any night and lets go out....she reponded 2 days later without even mentioning what I had asked....she just wanted to know what I was up to....was she hinting to me to ask her out then or what?

    • In order to know if she was hinting for you to ask her out, I would need to read minds. I can't and neither can you, so the only way to know is....Ask her out. I understand your nervousness, dating is filled with nerve-racking moments. I also don't think it is great that she took 2 days to respond to your e-mail and then did not even address going out. But give it one more try. Call her, leave a message if she does not answer, make it simple and see if she bites.

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  • if its been a day,

    then call her back

    and this time: leave a voicemail.

    me personally, I don't call back unless someone left me a VM

    cuz if they didnt, I assume it wasn't important.

    she seems into you,

    so she might have been busy.


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  • dont leave a voice mail, it sound cheesy...

    just ring her back again, but next time make sure it does not go to voicemail so she can see your missed call...

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