I'm going to my second pep club on Jan 31st (this time with a date) and I have a few questions?

I have a few quick questions about Pep club. I have a date for the first time (I'm a sophomore but it's all good). This is my second time going to pep club by the way. Last year I went single. Anyways, if you want to be the couple at the dance who has a matching dress and suit, do you take your date with you to go shopping or do just send pics of what you're going to wear and your date just figures it out from there? Do you even need to be matching with your partner? Please help. Any advice would work. Thanks! :)

Forgot to include this but our pep club at my school is formal. They have the themed dance for homecoming and then it's formal for pep club.


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  • I always went with the girls to help them pick out their dress, and then went from where ever she got the dress to get my tux to match. It was actually a lot of fun! It's kind of a nice little pre dance date :) hope this helps! Have fun at your dance!


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