How to get over feeling inadequate that you're not the "only girl in the world" to a guy?

It's impossible that you would be, that theyd never have a female friend or an ex or anyone else female that they really cared about. So then how can you ever feel special? I really let this come in the way of things. I end up retreating.


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  • I thing you should take a deep breath and relax. Unjustified jealousy can ruin your relationship, but if you actually see specific things that make you feel uncomfortable you should be able to openly and calmly discuss it with your partner. No need to retreat, just try to make him understand your point of view. Also, your partner should be the one to make you feel special by his behavior and actions around you, the fact that he has other females in his life doesn't mean that your position as a girlfriend is in danger. Afterall he decided to be with you rather than all the other women in his life. Just value your existence in his life more and realize you are not just anyone!
    Hope I helped a bit :)

  • Hm... I have never thought about it to be honest. I love him and I know he loves me and that's enough for me.