Mother is preventing me from seeing my boyfriend, he's getting fed up?

I'm 19 years old, I live with my parents. At first they used to adore the guy but it later turned into hatred. He made one mistake of overdosing on his prescription pills, he's done it twice. I know he doesn't have a problem but my mother doesn't want me to talk or see him ever again.
We used to see each other almost everyday, but I had a curfew of 10pm. He used to think that was ridiculous because I am an adult and I should make my own curfews. Since then the curfews got sooner and eventually they ceased to exist meaning, I was unable to hang out with him anymore.
We tried breaking up with each other because of it but he always comes back saying he'll wait however long and we can work through it, I love you.
Today he wanted me to come hang out with him without my mom knowing, I cancelled because I wasn't feeling well and my anxiety was at an all time high. He told me, it's fine... I don't really care much anymore. I am starting to give up, sorry.
He thinks I am not fighting hard enough to see him but he doesn't understand that if I fight back she will throw me out and every time I tell him that, he says he'll take me in and he could provide for me.
I don't know what to do, I love him too much to let him go and I also think it's unfair to him, I am hurting him more every time.

My mother, went to the point of using my Facebook to tell him to stop contacting me. He knew it wasn't me the entire time. She took away my phone, laptop and car because I was still talking to him. It was two days after she gave my stuff back that I've began to talk to him. She's getting suspicious but I don't care. She can't control who I date, see or talk to.


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  • I can imagine that your mother is just trying to protect you. If you are in love, maybe you see things in a more optimistic way; most people do not overdose on anything, let alone twice, so maybe she is thinking that being with him could become dangerous for you one way or another.

    Fortunately, since you're not a child anymore, you can make your own decisions for yourself. Unfortunately, that also means that you can make bad decisions, and you must live with the consequences of your choices either way.

    I cannot advise you whether it's better to give in to your parents and break up with the guy, or whether it's better to leave your parents and try a life with the guy; I do advise you though not to go behind your parents' backs. If you choose the breakup, end the relationship for good. If you want to stay with the guy even if it means moving out from your parents' place, tell it to them, and hope they understand (though be prepared to really move out in case push comes to shove).


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  • Your parents won't always approve of your partner, but its not their life its yours. If you love this guy and he's willing to fight for you then hold on to that, if your parents don't understand then they don't understand. You can't help who you love, and you should never have to apologize for the way you feel. Hope this helps, best of luck to you.

  • If he really loves u he should understand.

    • He's says he understands but every time he wants to see me behind my mothers back, I wimp out and he gets frustrated with me and gives me the silent treatment. He's said he'll tough it out with me but it's been nearly two weeks and he's getting upset, as am I with my mom but she doesn't care.

    • If he understands he shouldn't be getting frustrated and if u and him wanna get in the good books with ur parents going behind their backs isn't gonna help. they will find out sooner or later.

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  • You're 19, remind your parents in a respectful way.

    Also, you're thinking about him but is he thinking about you in this situation?

    He overdosed twice, if something happened to him he wouldn't be around to even stay with you.
    Talk to him about his health.
    If he doesn't understand, move on or stay by his side. Remember the situation isn't like a movie. Where the girl stays by her boyfriend who makes bad choices, and after all the drama he gets help and they get married and have little babies running around. Lol

  • So your parents don't like him because he overdosed?

    • Yes, they think he's trouble. Which I think is insane. They also hate him because he's Muslim, they keep calling him a terrorist which pisses me off and him as well.

    • Oh that's a little sad, but honey, if he breaks up with you over this, its his problem

  • mother knows best. if this guy is encouraging you to disobey your parents for him, get away. don't be a rebel for him, he doesn't know what it's like out there having a family and all.
    if he loves you, he'll wait. if he's giving up on you, it's his loss.

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