Can you ever date your professor in university?

This is pretty off but what if you had feelings for your professor at your university. Well everyone knows this isn't allowed. ( teacher - student ) dating relationship. But what if you love each other. Would you go out of your way to make it work? When I mean a professor I mean a young looking hot man and not some old creep 😏😏. A professor so good looking and close to your age. Would you go for it? Even when you both know it's not allowed. Would you both take the risk?


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  • Absolutely. When I was in grad school many of my classmates were dating our professors and the deans. Many of the older professors were married to woman they met and started dating while they were students. My university did not have a policy against it.
    A teacher-student relationship is not illegal generally (I'm not going to do any research but there could be some jurisdictions that outlaw it but isn't typical.) The illegality typically comes into effect because of the age of the student. It violates consent and statutory rape laws.
    99% of college students are not minors and thus the statutory rape laws are not an issue. A school may have a policy against it, to which the professor could lose his job, but it would be up to each individual institution. It also would not be a crime if it was a violation of just a school policy. However, they are free to give their own sanctions according to their established rules for the situation. Currently being in his class makes this more likely. But I think most people would be surprised about how little rules there actually are on such a situation.


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  • Maybe when his class stops and he's no longer your professor but just a professor, go for it then

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