I like one of my guy friends but don't want to ruin our friendship?

I've liked this guy I've been friends with for a while and feel like I should do something, but I don't want to do anything that might ruin our friendship.
Any ideas?


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  • Try inviting him over for a movie, just him. If he accepts then that will give you the chance to read his signals while you are alone, if he says no then all you did was invite him over, not too bold, but safe.


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  • You're never gonna know, if you never even try. If your friendship is strong enough it will survive no matter the outcome. It better to just take a chance and see what happens. YOLO ;)

  • whenver you guys are alone i think it should be right for you to tell , thats like friendzone... if he really likes you as friend now... den maybe his gonnna say yes he does like same way... Do you thik in anyway he shows feelings for you if so den go ahead and tell :) im sure it won't ruin your friendship