How important is it to have a clear skin to you guys when it comes to dating?

Would you rather go out with a gorgeous girl with bad skin (you name it) or with an average faced girl with clear skin?


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  • First of all, we guys pretty much lump bad skin in with whether or not a face is attractive. We don't separate the two. If someone has perfectly situated features and bad skin, we regard them the same as someone with less attractive features and clear skin. I'm not saying we don't find women with bad skin attractive - we do - I'm only saying that we don't look at it as a separate thing.

    Here's what guys usually do:

    1. Examine body - is the body the type of body we're attracted to?
    2. Examine face - is the face attractive to us?
    3. Examine personality - Do we like this girl''s personality?

    To answer your question - is it important? Well, it certainly boosts your attractiveness if you have clear skin, and you want to boost your attractiveness as much as possible to attract the largest number of guys so that you can pick your favorites, but it isn't going to keep you from getting a date if you have other factors that make you attractive to guys.

    Look at it this way (this is my list, it will vary a little from guy to guy):

    10 Scale Factors (1 = Least Attractive and 10 = Most Attractive)

    Slender Body - 3 points
    Clear Skin - 2 points
    Pretty Face - 2 points
    Beautiful, Long Hair: 1 point
    Eyes & Smile: 2 points
    Height (shorter than me): 1 point
    Personality: 4 points
    Shared Interests: 2 points
    Likes Me Too: 3 points

    Okay, so you notice that it adds up to more than 10. You can be a 10 to a guy if all of the other factors are in place. On my list, clear skin is worth 2 points, but to some guys it might be worth 1 or even 0, and in some cases, it could be worth 3 or 4 points. I hope this helped you see how us guys look at girls lol.


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  • For myself, it's pretty important. Sometimes I'll have a bad break out though, but you can't tell as much because my skin tone is forgiving. For the guy I am dating, I can't do the whole red, flaky skin. It's a little gross and I get sympathy pains that I feel in my face.