Where do I go with this now?

Met this guy Tim over a year ago.. Guy never says anything just friendly when I see him. Guy gets in a relationship with someone else. He finally talks to the me, we get to know each other and we are starting to like each other but he's still in a relationship. I obviously have a problem with this. He breaks up with her... and I dont know where to go with this? Its difficult... I don't want to be a rebound...


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  • It depends why he broke up with her. I mean, if he broke up with her to be with you then I would suggest you go out with him.
    It's never a nice thing for someone to break up over someone else but at the same time he'd be losing his feelings for his girlfriend and getting feelings for you so he's really breaking up with her because he doesn't feel that way about her any more. He knows he'd be happier with you so he could be taking a chance and breaking up with her so he can be with you.

    However, if he broke up with her because of a fight or something then you should give him a couple of months to get over it before considering going out with him. :)

    • I mean they had their issues, and barely talked anymore... I wasn't forcing anything... he did this on his own.

    • Well, I would suggest you leave him for a few months. It might just be that they feel out and he realised they weren't going to make up so he broke up with her. In which case he's likely to be missing having someone and may be more attracted to you out of the idea of having someone than actually being attracted to you for who you are and how you both get on.

      Personally, I don't believe it's healthy to jump in and out of relationships without having the time to come to terms with the last breakup. When you go out with someone you end up spending a lot of time with them and you change as a person throughout a relationship as a result. After a breakup you need time to readjust to being an independent person again. Otherwise he might expect things from you that his ex did or end up confused about his feelings because he hasn't had time to unravel them before adding feelings for you into the mix.

      Anyway, I'd suggest giving him some time before going out with him. :)

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  • Don't go there!
    Please don't!!! Its really tipacal for someone to find you more interesting when your "off limits" and once your his he will most likely loose interest. You also don't want a guy that is doing that to his current gf.

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