I want to understand why she's doing this , what is it that I am missing girls?

Ok... so where do I start this question, Long story short I need help determining if a girl wants me or not be it for sexual reasons or relationship reasons.
She's a coworker and we've been working together for close to 3 months , been on three dates with her , first one was merely a 1 hour hangout and then I drove her home and got a hug ( so far so good ) , I decided wth I will give it another go so I asked her out again and this time things got a little more serious but not too much , the third time I decided to make a move , so I ended up doing some back rubbing and managed to play with her legs while sitting with her alone in a dark place ( sexy as hell by the way ) then it happened , I asked for a kiss in an indirect way more than once and at the end she said it's complicated... etc
I ended up driving home then left , the next day I expected to be treated differently but she actually acted as if nothing happened , or to be more exact she was very happy for some reason , I got kind of rejected yet she's very happy ( dafuq?) ... now everytime we are in a room she keeps giving me these looks from a distance, long continuous staring like she's waiting me to do something, so I decided to ask her out again and this time I want to make it clear that I want something ( I am pretty sure she knows cause she agreed to go out with me ).

Some facts :
1- she's a little younger than me
2- she's the bosses nephew so mistakes are unacceptable
3-she goes to college and lives like 30 min away from me in a dorm with a roommate , but I have a car so np.

I want to understand her and know what she wants from me , why she keeps agreeing to hang out with me really late at night and has no problem being touched , what is it that I am missing? should I just make a move and kiss her?


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  • Maybe she's nervous about the kiss. I say take her out again and make the move.

  • "I asked for a kiss in an indirect way more than once"

    You acted like a pusshole in other words.

    You should have just kissed her. You know, like a man would.

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