How bad did I mess up by being to aggressive at the end of the date?

My self and a female student from school have been going back and forth, flirting for several months, talking, eye contact etc... We finally hung out a few nights ago. It was clear she was in to me for many reasons. I think the key to my story is the fact that were are into each other obviously and have been for some time. I did escalate the date some what and hinted that I was gong to kiss her. When I dropped her off I did kiss her, pushed her against her car and a dominant fashion like I normally do. ... yes I went over board and invited her back to my place. She did seem like she enjoyed it but at the same time was hesitant to do very much kissing which is fine, we kissed for 30seconds or so. after words she joke a little and had some smiley faces (I suppose I could put a transcrip but I am hesitant. ) my question is... how much did I mess up by being to aggressive if I even was... when she is obviously attracted to me


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  • I don't think you messed anything up. Its good that you know she was hesitant because now you know how much affections she's comfortable with. It think this was all just apart of the communication between you two and that it isn't anything to worry about. If anything, your kissing just proves to her how much you like her and should be taken as a compliment.

    • I met her the next day as well to drop some stuff off. she seemed calm, cool, and friendly. I think if I just back off a little we will get along great. Do you agree.

    • Yes I agree!

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  • On a scale of 0 to 10, sounds like you messed up 0.

    What is making you think anything is wrong?

    • I am pretty sure I was just more aggressive than what she wanted at that moment, maybe kinda through my self on here.

    • ... maybe I am over thinking it.

    • Next time push and then pull back, or tease her and try to get her to close the distance so you're more confident that she wants what's happening. LIke not way back, more press against her, move your mouth to an inch from hers and see if she closes the last inch. That type of thing.