Girls, with no father-figure in their life do you find it harder to dating guys? Do you have trust issues within dating guys?

Guys, if this has happened how has it impacted your life in dating a girl with no father-figure in her life? Have you loss any relationships with girls dealing with this matter? Have you dated girls whose trust issues were related to not having a father-figure in her life? Please share your opinions thanks !

Do girls have trust issues with guys when they have
no father-figure in their life and or may had a abusive
father? Please share comments/ opinions thanks:-)


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  • I have a father in my life - he's pretty much awesome. But I have 3 friends who do not have father figures in their lives and all of them seem to have a hard time. One has two children by two different men, one has been with a string of abusers, and one can't seem to get a guy at all. She had a guy, he proposed, she said yes, then it came to light that he had been cheating on her with different girls almost every night. It also came to light that he had proposed to multiple other girls and had engagements with them at the same time as with my friend.

    Whether or not these behaviors are typical of daughters without fathers I don't know, but I do know that only the daughters without fathers that I know seem to end up in situations like this.


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  • Well, I have a great father-figure, but my love life is nonexistent and I don't just hand out my trust to people, so I don't think there is too much correlation.

  • Not really


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