"hanging out" vs a date. are there big differences?

I've never had an actual date or hung out with a girl, but whenever i ask a girl out, i usually just say 'would you like to meet me' or 'would yo like to go for a walk /meet for coffee' or something like that. i never say, would you like to go on a date with me. could this be a bad thing? tbh, i always saw it as the same, and, if it is the first date, going for a walk/meeting for coffee or just something simple like that is most likely what we would do anyway right?


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  • For a girl the context is really important. If a guy asks me to go for coffee or to hangout that's exactly what I see it as. When a guy ask a girl out on a 'date' and uses that term- it shows more courage and makes the girl feel more special. Especially because a lot of girls (including myself) will assume when a guy says things like (wanna hangout' or 'wanna watch netflix' it's because they just want to hook up. So my advice is if you want to go on a date with a girl- use that term. Tell her you want to go on a date and give her some ideas you have on what you want to do for the date

    • just to be clear, i wrote hanging outs on the title, in quotes in everything, just to keep it short. i never said to a girl 'lets hang out'... i think that would really show a lets just hook up kind of vibe. but meeting for coffee i said, because i think it shows a casual vibe, like lets just meet in person so we can get to know each other better haha.
      but i see what you mean. its definitely much harder for me to ask her out on a date! maybe thats why i subconsciously never did xD
      thanks for your opinion

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  • Honestly the only difference is the label of it being a date.
    It's nice though, too be able to say 'yeah, we're dating' that's the whole lovely exciting getting to know eachother phase :)

    Infact, I think 'date' is the only label I don't want society too drop haha.


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  • Hanging out is what friends do,
    Dates are what romantic couples do

    And I treat it accordingly,
    I also don't date friends so if we start as friends, her loss

    • her loss? maybe your loss too, no?

    • regardless, thanks for your opinion man