Why do this after a first date?

Why would a guy text straight after a date, hint at another date and reply when you text but not initiate contact anymore or set up another after going on a first date when he did every day before? Is it that he's not interested after the date?


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  • Honestly, if he was truly interested than why does he seem
    to be leading you on? Any guy wants to meet up again with
    a woman and possibly form a relationship he would be
    contacting you more. If he is seriously for real than he
    is sure showing a poor way of doing so don't blame yourself
    cause he needs to step up and make the move if he's seriously real.

    • I think you're right. Guess I'll stop contacting him and leave him to it, shame coz I liked talking to him but I don't wanna be mucked about

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    • It is annoying considering I did say if he doesn't want to then no worries he could've easily just said he wasn't that into me after the date or if he didn't wanna be harsh that he just wanted to be friends I can deal with that, it's the not being upfront and honest that's annoying lol

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  • The first thing I thought about when reading your question and the story behind it was: when he hinted at another date, did you say yes?
    Maybe he's a little shy to ask because he's not certain you want it too?
    You could give him a hint back that you'd love him to take you out and see what happens :-)

    • I did message him and say if ta fancy meeting up again let me know and he said he would like to meet up again so I said let me know when you're free and he never said another word and haven't heard from him today so tbh I don't think he's that interested he's gone from talking every day to not wanting to talk :-/

    • Oops, I'd say give it a little time... he's not in an exam period or so? Or busy in any other way?
      Hopefully it will point itself out. Will keep my thumbs up for you :-)

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  • He lost intetest.

  • He could be interested or he could just be being nice. Give it a little time, and see if he mentions it in a week or so. If he doesn't, ask him if he'd be interested in going out again.

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