HOW do I START talking to this GIRL?

So I was on Tinder and got a match with a beautiful curvy girl. She seems really nice and I obviously wanna get to know her better. She's looking for a relationship, not a hook-up, so it's even better.
I just don't know how to start talking with her. I mean, I wanna say something that will make her feel interested and not think I'm boring or cliche.
So please girls, what's the best thing to say to start a conversation? I just don't wanna fuck this up.


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  • You could start by asking or saying something interesting to her. It personally does almost nothing for me when a guy's initial words to me are a compliment. I want to be engaged in conversation and that doesn't do it for me. She might be different though.

    • That's what I thought. I've heard many times that starting by saying something like "Hi beautiful!" does nothing for the girl, it's not a good way to start.
      And when you say ask or say something interesting, what do you mean? Examples please?

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    • I actually do, we have more things in common, so I hope this time things go much better.

    • Good! Me too. :-)

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  • say hello as a first step perhaps? but don't send any creepy messages. NEVER

    • Yeah, I was planning on saying hello first, but after that, what can I say? I don't want the conversation to be a "hello. How are you. What are you doing..." that's boring.
      Oh, and I wasn't planning on sending creepy messages, I wanna be serious with this one.

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