Something? Or Nothing?

So, Me and my ex had an "almost back together" period for a week where she told me I'm get best friend, and that she can tell ilove her the most. Then, she said she was confused and didn't know if she wanted to let go of her bf she'd just broken up with because she was having more fun with me abd felt like iloved her more. Then, she backpedaled and stopped talking to me. I "secretly" surprised her with flowers and a snack.(she knew idid it) abd she got mad and definitively told me she wanted to stay with the other guy. Iasked her if she meant everything she said, but wouldn't answer... Haven't spoken since. The other day, She saw me in the store parking lot, and gave a hearty wave and big smile. You turned me down for someone you admit loves you less, and you're not as close to as me. Why are you happy to see me?

I hate coming in 2nd. 😑


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  • I didn't see her what are you talking about... see how good that works :)

    • Ilost my composure and waved back... Uggg. 😩

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    • From here forward just distance yourself. You gave it a try, it didn't work. No harm or shame there. She's just a girl who didn't appreciate what you offered. Am sure you'll find one that is happy to share time with you. Don't fixate on this one.

    • That's an even better idea. Thanks 😁

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