I'm going on my first date ever and was wanting tips?

This guy asked me to go to the movies with him and I haven't met him before (we go to the same school) I was wanting some tips to keep conversation going, and what not to do, etc, etc...

It went well enough that we are dating now


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  • Just talk about things you like (anything really, say I love vegetables and that will start a conv), ask questions about his answer or comment instead of asking a new one. that shows your listenting. silence is not that bad, dont make it awkward. you can start humming your favorite song if it gets awkward. don't force anything. Go with the flow. If he wants to pay then let him, but do offer to pay.
    Don't talk about religion, politics, exes, that hot guy... Etc. etc.
    smile and made a lot of eye contact.
    Keep it short and sweet. No sex or make out sessions.
    Be home before 10pm. Let some one know where your going and leave the guys phone num and address for them.
    Enjoy your time, that's what it's all about. Enjoying your time and getting to know each other.
    That's all. Good luck.


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  • O_O Why would you go to the movies with someone you haven't met before?

    • Our moms used to work with each other so we technically have met before I just don't remember it..

    • ohhhh, you wouldn't be talking very much in the movies.

  • Alright let me just say this Topic was soo cute I scurried over here to reply.
    What you're going to want to do:
    1. Please just laugh at his jokes
    2. At that moment he wraps his arm around you in the movie, Lay your head on his chest.
    3. Don't dress like you just survived the hunger games.
    4. If you heed step 3, He will probably tell you that you look nice... Now you blush and tell him the same thing... do not forget to tell him the same thing.
    5. If he does not have a car to drive you there, deal with it.
    6. He probably thinks he's going to get some tonight, Dont give him nun.. You gotta bait him and drive him insane.
    7. Dont forget to laugh at his jokes... really... just do it for both your sakes D:

  • Be yourself, laugh at his bad jokes, talk about what interests you, ask about what interests him.


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  • Aww how sweet :)

    Well, during the movie there obviously won't be much talking. But before and after, you can talk about pretty much anything. This is your opportunity to get to know him better. Find out some of his likes, dislikes, goals and ambitions, etc. Don't be afraid to ask questions about himself and, in turn, he will probably ask you things about yourself as well. Someone wrote a mytake on here that I thought was brilliant about what not to do on a first date. Check it out, pretty much everything mentioned is spot on. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../a7700-10-ways-to-ruin-a-first-date

  • You can talk about school friends find out what he does with himself in his spare time he will come across charming on the date so try getting to know him really well so you can figure out what he likes slso tell him what u like so u can c if u hv things in common

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