Would it be a good idea to take a girl hiking for a first date/hangout?

I think its a good idea it seems romantic. We can talk to each other and really get to know each other all while enjoying nature. ( The trail i want to take her has a lot of nice views waterfalls , cascades etc..)
I think this is a better idea than the typical movie/dinner.
But the thing is we really don't know each other that well and i don't want her to be uncomfortable.
Should I just go for it? Ask her if she wants to go just me and her or should I ask her if she wants to invite a friend?


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  • That’s such a clever and cute idea. :) I think you should ask her, but if she looks uncomfortable about it you could add in that she can bring a friend if she wants.

    • I was thinking about asking her for Valentine's to go with, but it'll probably be a better idea to hangout with her at least once before than right?

    • Yeah, I’d say so. That way she’s not too caught off guard and you guys will have already spent at least a little time together.

  • No she is just gotta get sweaty she is gonna spend all day getting cute for u to just mess it up she might not even like hiking and in my experience women will say they do even though they don't lol


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