How do I get guys digits in a community college?

My community college has no social places to hang out unless you know someone in class. Well I don't see to many attractive guy but when I do, how do I get their number. And, what should I do if their taken and I get rejected? I am a romantic and an asexual. I am in health this mean I am interested in workout and eating healthy. I want be a dietitian but there's no program like that. I am average looking person who is finally get out of a long term depression. So, how do I get a guys number who loves health and isn't taken? I will like to ask guys out but I don't how to do that. Should I go str8 up to a guy or what? I don't want to do? I don't want to let a gorgeous guy or an interesting fella leave my sight without getting to know him. Should I do pick up lines? What would make a guy randomly say yes to a date from a stranger and give out number. Thanks


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  • By looking all cute and friendly so the guys notice and approach you.

    Orr give me your number here.

  • I go to a university, but im currently taking a couple classes at a community college, I know what you mean about the difficulty of being social. What I do is just find hot girls in any of my classes and sit next to them. Before, after, or when there time in class I just start a conversation. Then I just work the conversation into getting the girls number. Work with what you got, dont except to go up to some random guy and get his number.


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  • First congrats on recovery c: stay strong! Second: just be straight forward and ask! Go for it! If you get rejected, they obviously aren't worthy of your awesomeness. by the way compliments go a long way, be confident & most importantly, be you

  • No student union or cafeteria?
    Library, grounds, campus.
    what is it in tree or something.

    • A tree. LOL!!! XD

      I mean HHHHHHHHHH.

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    • I mean their is a cafeteria but what am I suppose to do sit there? I don't anyone their and I don't see pols from my class.

    • Oh c'mon.
      Hit up some friends to go with you for a cup of coffee or anything.
      Be the go to gal for stuff.
      You will have plenty of friends just by being helpful and nice.

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