Guys, have you ever desperately dated a girl?

Have you ever dated someone desperately that you weren't all attracted to because you weren't having much luck with other women?

I'll admit I have and It's stupid because it didn't really help my situation. It felt like I was dating for the sake of dating. As bad as this sounds, when I was with the girl I was just thinking I could do better and it's not fair to them either. Usually how it happens, is the girl will take misleading pictures that misrepresent them and they'll be a fatter in person than they are in the pictures. Now appearance isn't everything but it does matter to an extent.


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  • I'm in that same relationship I wanna break up with her tonight

    • Is it the one in your picture?

    • Just outta curiosity, what made you date her in the first place? Not judging you by the way.

    • I've always struggled with wanting to be wanted since I was a kid and I guess u try to fill that void by whatever it takes

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  • If you know it's not fair then why not stop.

    • No I did stop or we both eventually stopped talking to each other at a point without the other persons feelings hurt.

      I'm not doing this now but I did in the past and it was a mistake.
      That being said do you think it's shallow to have be attracted to their picture on a dating site and then unattracted when you see them in person and they look totally different due to a misleading picture?

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    • Lol yea some people or weird and think they can lie and then lie to cover that lie and it just continues

    • lol true. I mean I guess I lied about being in a relationship on a dating site but that's a little different. I mean it's not that I haven't dated and I'm not a virgin but I've never been in a seriousl or real relationship. Then again that's not stuff you'd throw out there or talk about early on anyways.

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