Girls, what do you think if a guy starts talking about sex in the 'getting to know each other phase'? is it good or a bad thing?

i usually never bring up sex, but i think that some of my friends always do when they are talking to girls lol. im overall a shy person and dont feel really comfortable talking about it, specially to people i dont know that that well yet, but sometimes i wonder if im being put in the friend zone because of it. or is it indeed better not to talk about it, because girls could think i only want sex? which is not the case by the way


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  • Talk about if the girl you're in conversation with seems comfortable doing so but make it clear that you'd want to wait until things get a bit more serious to take that next step. Could even wait for her to bring the topic up. You don't wanna scare a girl off and yes, she may misinterpret it and think that you only want one thing. You can't just call this one, it all depends on the circumstances of the situation, if it feels appropriate, go with it.

    • if she brings it up, i dont think i'll change the subject, but i would rather not go with it. i wouldd only bring it up if it was bad to not do it.
      thanks for your opinion

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  • That's awesome that you don't talk about sex sometimes when guys starts talking about sex it just kill the vibe I rather sex develops naturally rather than force it

    • thanks for your opinion! thats good to know:)

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  • She's clearly comfortable with you but if she's going to fast you should tell her you want a meaningful relationship.

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