Would you believe this as the reasons why women aren't more proactive in dating?

Everything I write below describes the "average" female, yes there will be some that this doesn't apply to.

1. Women have extremely fragile egos. Their self worth is dependant on recieving validation from others, especially men. Therefore rejection is worse for them; it is a direct slap in the face to their pride/ego/looks if a MAN (generally assumed to want to fukk everything in sight) rejects them.

2. Women are usually handed everything on a plate. They become accustomed to being approached and thus do not have the "balls" / skills / "game" required to actually be proactive and approach.

3. As a result of their crippling approach anxiety, they would rather be passive (and unhappy temporarily) and sift through the lines of sub-par males that approach until a good one comes up.

4. Women will also use the phrase "that's just the way it is / has always been" to put a gloss / belittle those that point out the above observations and justify why they can't / won't approach (despite fighting for equality in other parts of life).

5. When left to make choices on their own, they always make poor ones and have realized it's just best if a man does the thinking for them.


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  • I always love it when a man knows what it's like to be a woman more than a woman does. I'm so glad we have men to make our important decisions for us since we're too stupid to handle life, haha! @PANDAmonium makes all of my decisions for me, thankfully, since pandas are even better than men :-P

    • I know everything

    • I always love it when people cut out the middlemen.

      Technically trolling yourself is more efficient. Bravo.

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