Can a popular guy like ME? The reason I saw him was because he was looking at me... O-O (I like him back... so?

Hi, I am in 8th grade so nothing serious is going to happen between us-I accept it but I seriously wanna know... c;
(this is sorta a dating issue but more towards how he feels about me I guess. But I would say it falls under the category of dating) so?

To explain myself:tallish- above average height for my age, I would say "curvy" in a way- I am a little overweight but not obese or actually fat, I consider myself to be pretty I guess- I like my appearance overall- I have never been called ugly. I am quite unique I dress how I dress- I don't follow trends but I do dress nicely I think o-o. I wear makeup also and am popular but am not really unpopular and made fun of ;c people are so mean- off topic... Just trying to give details ^O^
So in gym I was talking to my friends who are quite geeky but hey so am I! We were on the bottom bleachers and I looked up to see this super popular guy looking at me from the top of the bleachers. He was cute and I liked him but I didn't know who he was. Then i found out he was SUPER popular. The thing is for the past few months-No we haven't talked I doubt he would ever because of his social standing but he looks at me and I look at him. Honestly he is an ass sorta. I know I know but I like him and sometimes I get the feeling he likes me at least a little. He has girls hanging off of him but I swear he will look at me at least once a day. He never smiles and neither do i being quite nervous. The look he gives me is interested I would say-he doesn't look disgusted or anything like that I think. And also I am not creepy about him, I don't stare at him creepily. But he doesn't look at anyone else as much I've noticed and one of my friends says he's seen him look at me a couple of times. What do you all think? And I know I have no future with him but I need your input because I can't talk to anyone else about or I sound really full of myself-this has been bothering me for MONTHS.

Well how I can be more sure before asking him and being super embarassed? I know he would probably never admit to liking me and that makes it sound like there is no point- what could I do to be sure before I do something? Like facial expression- I just know that it wouldn't work out anyways but how could I know that he does for sure? What should I look out for?


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  • Dude I just got into high school so I know exactly how your feeling. I had the same-ish situation happen to me last year.
    But first, enough of this social hierarchy stuff. You're both just 8th graders. That's it. Just two humans.
    But back to the point.
    He might like you and he might not. The whole relationship crap in the 8th grade is really unsteady.
    If you can't stand being played around with like this anymore, you should just ask him. As terrifying as it might sound, don't let the opportunity pass.
    Be like a nike commercial and Just Do It.


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  • It seems like your at an awkward moment in your life , just go out their and make the frist move, flirt with him. He can only say no then he isn't worth your time. You got plenty of time to date.

  • Yes he can like you and he probably does, flirt a little. Don't miss this chance.

  • Yes he can like and even LOVE you. If he's a good guy he'll never care about your looks or anything. And even you don't need to be SUPER popular just to get his attention-be genuine and play out your hobbies and interests to your advantage.


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