Expressive women or Composed women? Who is more attractive to you?

I'm curious as to what people think of this.

Do you prefer a girl who's expressive and wear her emotions on her sleeves , always enthusiastic , always energetic , just a bundle of fun.

Or a girl who's calm and composed , rarely speaks unless spoken , introverted and either hides her emotions very well or doesn't have much of it at all. All and all a complete mystery to everyone

Which one would you find yourself gravitating towards?

Personally I think a composed and mysterious woman is far more intriguing and intrigues attracts me.

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Pardon my typos and errors , I'm tired but I'm curious.
Huh... looks like the poll isn't too popular among guys , may have to add some tits and ass next time.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm kind of both lol

    I choose option A! If I had to

    • Well A are always fun to be around with lol , much more of a likable and approachable sort of lassie I'll say. People love em , people want to be them and they love themselves

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    • Thanks for MH :)

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What Girls Said 3

  • I'm both? I've got more traits of being composed but I also wear my emotions on my sleeve like an expressive person.

    Regardless, I'm not attracted to either in a lady. :p
    A mysterious man holds my interest longer than an expressive one, though.

    • Hmmm.. I suppose if you aren't a bit of both you wouldn't be on GaG eh? The sort of quiet when left alone , explodes when with others.

      Kinda like potassium , nerd joke.

      Attracted to either in... eh? eh? eh?
      Ahhh... okay.
      Hmm... I wonder tho... if a mystery man holds your interest , how would you go about to approach him? He'll be like a sort of walking statue would he not?

  • Option A but I can see the appeal of option B.

    • So do I , I find A attractive but the hard outershell of B is just so... for once I'm lost for words.. I can't explain why do I feel the way I can't describe... Just. The thunderbolt.

  • I generally don't have much of a choice in being expressive. I'm quite shy and can try to be reserved, but my emotions surface very easily. I always wear a smile on my face and am generally bubbly and cheerful, but I easily blush, emote fear, anger, confusion, etc. I'm reserved, but not stoic, or mysterious.

    You might want to link people the male version int the update ->
    I stole your idea. xD


What Guys Said 1

  • I've had fun with both. But I've been approach by more girls who were expressive. I've met some in-between and they were great. I'm attracted to the shy girl but I usually end up with the outgoing type. Possibly because I'm shy aswell.

    • Not necessarily shy as in not having the courage to interact with people , as in just not doing much of it. Which beckons the question... if she hides her emotions so well... how do you know how she feels?

      Is the allure towards someone like that a paradox all of itself?
      Outgoing people may have some dark secret beneath their cheery nature , maybe not but at least you know something... those who can't be read... the mysteeerry

      Any experience with that?

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