Boys would love your advice? WHY does he do this?

talking to this guy is difficult cause he barely says anything. the pressure falls on me to come up with things to say/ask. since i can't say much conversations quickly take an awkward/quiet turn, and he starts playing with his phone. he tends to avoid me and its obvious like a couple days ago he got on my bus and i didn't notice as we were getting out to go the train. he ran before i got up and while we waited for the train he wouldn't look up from his newspaper though it was just me and him waiting so i decided not to say hi. he boarded a seprate section of the train when it arrived. when we got home he kept looking inside the train behind him like he was looking at somethign intresting, i said hi when we made eye contact and we barely talked

then at times he comes to me on his own, says hi, smiles, sits with me on hte bus - ex. when we came back after the winter holidays, even though the conversation was short he seemed happy and engaged as he came to sit with me on hte bus

a couple days ago i came to teh train station after the bus ride, and i saw him already standing downstairs, i think he saw me because i saw him intesnly looking at the ground. so i waited upstairs for the train then i see him coming with a friend from his class (its strange cause if he was waiting for this friend, they have class together, they should have been together beforehand), so they stood near me, so i went and stood a bit farther, and i boarded the other side of the train too when it came. well when we arrived home i felt ( could be wrong) he kept looking at me. i was doing the avoiding thing he does - even when he got near his car i felt he looked back according to the reflection i could see ( didn't look at him direclty thouh)

he's not like this with other girls and guys I've seen their interactions ane he seems more talkative/engaged

ps we both are 20 i know childish lol


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  • What's your Question?

    • why does he act so inconsistent like this?

    • He's a guy. There's nothing consistent about us. He just sees you as a friend or that girl he says hi to. Distance yourself for a while or take another route to school and then go back and see if he says anything... if he does then he's interested or has at least noticed you. If he doesn't, lost cause

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