If my boyfriend told me he loves me should I believe him?

My boyfriend and I have been dating since January 6th. So not for to long. After a week of dating he told me he loves me but I'm not sure if I should believe him or not. The only reason why I say this is because he is a player. Although he is a player, he treats me better then his exs. He takes me out to fancy restaurants, unlike his exs, which he only took to to fast food places. He takes me over his house, which he never allowed any of his exs at, and he does what ever I want, like go to the mall, drive me places, etc . Even though he does all that, Im not sure if he is just trying to trick me or if he really means it. I mean I really like him, and he's a sweet guy. But I'm not sure if he is telling me the truth.


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  • How can you believe anyone in this cruel and harsh survivalist existence.


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