Men have to do all the work. What has a woman to offer a man?

Women can sit there and demand that they want a guy who:
- looks so and so
- can make her laugh
- can take her to places
- makes her feel like a princess and special
- gives a shoulder to lean on
- makes all the moves

Men have to initiate, keep things going, make her laugh, validate her etc etc.
What do men get in return? sex. (which women want as well)

Seriously, when will men start being demanding on women? Unfortunately, men are happy just to think with their willies.


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  • Nothing. Women don't do shit but suck the life and resources out of you. They will emotionally fuck you and the longer you're with them, the worse it gets. They use the thousand-paper-cut method to break you down and wane your defenses gradually. When you realize what's happening, you're too lost to be saved.

    Men get fucked over again and again. Society is in favor of women. There is never a 50/50 thing. That's bullshit. But the biggest bullshit is "you're generalizing!" "Not all women are like that"!!

    Women are only good for being cum dumpsters. Never reveal your life or emotions to her as you're only giving her weapons.

    • It's a shame you haven't ever met a "real" woman (someone who doesn't play games). They exist.

    • Thanks for the MHO. The way to avoid all this is to lay down the law on your woman, giving her rewards for good behavior and punishment for bad behavior.

      The problem with today's society is that we don't punish the bad behavior of women and even reward it.

    • You're right about that. When a guy flirts with a woman at work, he can be sued for millions (or be forced to pay an out-of-court settlement). If a girl flirts with a guy and the guy goes crying to his boss or the media, they'll just tell hi to screw off.
      Women climb the ladder by wearing a short skirt and sleeping around.
      When there's an argument in public between a man and woman, it's perfectly acceptable for te woman to slap him and call him all sorts of names. If the guy did that, he'd be arrested, or gang bashed by white-knight morons who go with h0es b4 bros.

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  • Your generalizations are giving me a headache. I can take care of myself, thanks. I don't want to be treated like a fucking princess, I'm not 4 years old. I'm a grown ass woman and I don't need someone to baby me into oblivion. Also, I don't need him to take me places and make all the moves. I want to make some of the moves myself. Relationships are give and take. He gives me a shoulder to lean on, I'll give him a shoulder to lean on. He takes me places, I'll take him places. He makes me laugh, I'll make him laugh. He looks good for me, I'll look good for him. He initiates sex, I'll initiate sex. If it's not somewhat 50/50, it'll feel wrong. For me, that is. Different situations work for different people, but for me, I want to be my partner's equal. I don't want special treatment.
    Also, women have plenty of things to offer. Just because sex is basically the only thing you seem to care about, it doesn't mean that we don't have other things to offer.

  • When will insecure Anons like you grow up and realize successful couples complement each other.
    You act as if the only thing a woman can offer a guy is sex.
    How silly and immature. HHHH
    I hope you like your hands because there's your future lovers.

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    • Another white knight.
      by the way, there's a difference between complement and compliment!

    • Lol u flame and judge others who disagree with u as "white knight"
      With that personality I'm starting to understand why u felt like u had to do all of that and not receive anything in return. At the end she didn't wanna stick around did she

  • "What can you offer a guy? (something which he can't do himself or demands)"
    Support. What can a guy offer me that I can't do myself?

    • Why not you never get married and find out!

    • I don't get why u got the neg scores lol

      But I can offer u what u can already do ur self but better 😉

    • Well asker, you asked the question to the opposite sex. Don't you have an answer yourself?
      @cantsaylol So an improvement. I accept that, I don't even think a guy has to offer me something to be with him. I just wanted to learn what asker thought.

  • A woman wants a man too treat her special?
    I'm sure everyone is looking for that in their significant other lol..

    • Answer the question? i. e. What can you offer a guy? (something which he can't do himself or demands)

    • I can give back equally what he gives me?
      Support, loyalty, trust, treated like a king, a shoulder too lean on..
      A relationship isn't a man taking care of a woman.. It's about mutual support and building your empire together.

  • A real relationship is dependent on the serious involvement of both parties. You're biased in regards to the idea that women contribute nothing to a relationship, which isn't true. Yes, it's true that it's usually a man who instigates a lot of things, like sex or the beginning of a relationship, but there are plenty of women who offer the same things you're saying they don't. We want to make our men laugh, feel good, and take him places too, and there are plenty of times that WE instigate sexual activity.

    Just as there are women who do and want to do this, there are women who don't bother to do things like that, but the same could be said for men in regards to making their woman do everything.

  • Why did u leave out the housework and child rearing?

    • Women work today.

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    • You're losing it! Better rush to your appointment!!

    • Worry about yourself and make sure you are house trained and pls clean out those pube hairs in your toilet before you invite a lady in your house.

  • A relationship is a partnership, if guys can do the above, girls can too

  • Wow i thought it was actually equal cause if a girl did nothing of that sort wouldn't she just be boring...

    • Go on Tinder with a boring profile. See how many matches you'l get.
      Then make an account with a dude and compare.

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    • You can keep questioning it, or you can try it and find out! The proof is in the pudding.

  • lets genetalize everyone. FUCK!!!

  • Are you serious? SadIy I don't think your god damn brain hit realty yet, Or you must've not grown up with a lady in the house. Stop watching TV.

    • Amen!
      He cannot hide his contempt.
      I won't say it, but we all know where he is from, and what sicko religion he follows.

  • A working relationship shouldn't be one sided. True, some women want those things, but that doesn't mean every woman is the same. And isn't it true for men as well? Some men care about looks as well. Some men want a girl that can make him or her laugh. Some men are less dominant in a relationship, and rely on the girl to make choices and provide financial support. Most men want to feel special in a relationship. Sometimes, the woman in the relationship is the one giving support and suggestions. Women sometimes make the moves. I'm not saying all relationships are like this. But if it is a healthy relationship, the woman will make a contribution as well.

  • Sounds like your thinkin with your willy?

  • Yea, because women are the only ones who demand anything, sure..
    Stop being a little bitch and deal with it. If you want it so bad, then go die alone - no one is stopping you.

  • looks so and so = Guys demand certain phyical criteria, too!

    - can make her laugh = Dude, a guy never wants a dead end girlfriend

    - can take her to places = I am a fucking grown up girl who can go to places alone. I am working hard in my career to pay for my tickets.

    - makes her feel like a princess and special = I just wanted to be treated as an equal. Being treated as a princess is overrated

    - gives a shoulder to lean on = Guys want emotional support from girl as well

    - makes all the moves= I have just had one crush in my whole life and I was the one who asked for his number and confessed first.


    And yeah, both need sex, both need to do job and earn money and both need to nurture a kid.

  • I just want him to be loyal and enough confident make the moves. In return I'll be his rock, his pillar. I don't want the princess treatment rather I'll do things which make him happy and give him the feel of a King.
    I'll play video games and football with him and will also cook for him.

    • cute

    • "I'll play video games and football with him and will also cook for him."

      say that again.

  • You've got a pretty flawed view. Women who don't give anything other than sex, don't get their men to stay. Because most men do need plenty more than just sex to stick around long-term.

    • Answer me - What can you offer a guy? (something which he can't do himself or demands)

    • Things you listed and more - I'm attractive, I can make him laugh/share in his humor, make him happy, take him places, take care of him, make him feel special, loved, and respected, give him a shoulder to lean on, support him, I make some moves myself, validate him as a man, etc. There's lots. I don't need to prove myself, I know I've got a lot to offer. And I'm sure it's all part of why my boyfriend is very happy with me.

  • This is the biggest generalization if I've ever seen one.

    • What can you offer a guy then? (something which he can't do himself or demands)
      Let's see you be specific.

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    • Sidestepping the question with an essay isn't providing an answer.

    • There are many things each individual, guy or girl can do for themselves. In fact, you could say we don't need each other at all. But what neither one of us can offer to ourselves is companionship.

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  • Well, considering that my fiancee and I are both virgins waiting for marriage, we obviously have something else we offer each other. She is my rock, my support. She gives me a reason to get up and go to work because I want to build a future with her. She makes me laugh all the time, and she will make a wonderful mother if we are blessed to have children.

  • Lose your hopes mate, just lose your hopes :l

  • I agree with all of this, except you are wrong about the women only having sex to give us. Women are selling more than just sex, but sex is only thing men are buying. You ask what women have to offer men, they plenty to offer, but which of those things do you really give a shit about other than sex?

    They have plenty to offer, but, generally speaking, we don't care about that other stuff.

  • Nah your totally wrong and you are going about it all wrong. Some girls are like that but a lot of girls are not. That is stereo typing... you should be happy that any girl ever let's you fuck her.

    If you can find a girl that makes you laugh, gives you a shoulder to lean on and makes "all the moves" those are the fun girls. If your in a one sided relationship where you do all the work find a better girl...

    • Great job Mr white-knight. You even scored a thumbs up from a girl within a minute.

  • Let me go through those things.

    -I never initiate... well okay I do but this is after I've dehydrated the girl to death, which I'm starting to get away from due to another reason but point is at that point I know the girl is interested so I guess it really doesn't matter. Though it sucks that girls don't ask out guys. I do agree. Some do though. Most don't.

    -Keep things going: I've never felt that way. I'm a rather shy, quiet, person. That's what I'm going to be. I don't have to keep anything going unless I want to.

    -Make her laugh: I'm typically not that funny of a guy, but I've found that chicks who are really into you often times laugh at shit that you may not even think is funny.

    -Validate her: What does that mean? o. O

    When are men going to start being demanding? Well I mean I'm not so much demanding, but I'm too stubborn for a female to "run me over". That's not happening. I'm someone who will do what I want. If I don't want to take her places then I won't. If I don't want to make all the moves then I won't.

    The problem is that there are plenty of guys who don't stick to what they believe or want. They usually eventually "break". If I guy is patient and leaves things as a take it or leave it situation then you won't get such mistreatment.

    I do agree that plenty of guys "think with their willies". However, girls think with their vaginas too... problem is patience and commitment. Commitment to what you believe in and what you want. Don't let her fool you into some shit you don't want. However, yeah I guess there are plenty of guys who don't have that kind of will power. Maybe I was lucky to get that through a cause and effect reaction from my past.

  • EXACTLY my thoughts!

    • I mean... for some weird, messed up reason, women believe that they are 'prizes' who have to be 'won' by men, and the men too are doing everything to encourage and reinforce this belief among women.

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    • I mean because girls want guys just as much as guys want girls they just try to suppress it. However, if push comes to shove you'll see those true colors. They'll come out LOL.

    • I agree with you both. However, there's more competition for a girl than there is for a guy. If you play the prize card, sure some girls will love it. Bear in mind that they have many other guys who are far too easy and white-knight all the way. Ask any girl who has Tinder or an online dating account - they get inundated with messages from guys within seconds. As for guys, some can go on for months without a single message!
      It'll change when more men realize that they are the ones who have something to offer i. e. they are the prize.

  • I don't need to be demanding. My gf brings much more to the table than a cooch. She's smart, funny, and we support each other.

  • Dude, just don't go out with that type of women and quit bitching. There are so many good women out there that won't let the guy do all the work in the relationship, so why you settle for the ones that don't work?
    Like with all in this life, choose what you like and what you enjoy, it's what will make you happy. If you're not gonna like it, get away from it.

  • It's kind of 50/50
    In today's society anyways

    • That's only if you're a hot guy or have status or a heavy wallet.

    • Not true at all lol

      Everything u have listed is something a women offers also but in different forms, and it's sometning to be expected from a woman.

      That's why they say ur bf or gf is ur best friend, everything u do for her, she does for u. And it comes off naturally, it's not something u list and want her to do. She does it naturally when she appreciates u and has feelings for u, vice versa

      As a matter of fact in ur theory if the guy is hot or fat wallet
      He wouldn't need to do either of those and the girl wouldn't do neither of those for him as well


  • Yeah that's pretty true. Women do not offer men nearly what they used to in a marriage / relationship. They have reduced their usefulness to just sex. Unfortunately that means a lot of children raised by single moms, which is at the root of a ton of societal problems we're having today.

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