I'm a retail manager crushing hard on associate who's got BF and I can't figure it out. Is she into me or not?

Ok so I'm a assistant retail manager and I'm crushing on one of our associates baaaad.
She's been working for 1 or 2? Month's and just recently I've been crushing on her. She makes me feel like an awkward teen. I studder when I talk to her like my mouth fills with spit n my cheeks get dry at the same time. I get butterflies and I can't stop smiling at her or when she talks to me. She gives me these eyes and I just MELT inside. I can't focus I get lost in her voice and I'll come up with anything just to get close to her. Ok enough of that I can't tell if she likes me back and I know that she knows I like her a lot so what should I do... one other manager (my boss) knows I like her and Slightly encourages me to talk to her and 6 other associates know it (apparently it's obvi) and thinks we'd be cute together. She's got a BF but staff tells me he's not right for her and he's bad news cheating, lying, and I can't figure out if she's into me if I should persue this or wait I don't know give me examples and I'll scratch em off the list if she's doing the signs... help please I can't sleep.

I understand about not mixing personal life and Yada Yada. If it came down to it I would just transfer stores or ask my Boss for a title change. My options are open for it I just don't know if she's in to me. I guess that's what I'm trying to figure out.


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  • Be careful about mixing work and personal life. Especially if you are at different levels (manager and someone At a lower level). Can get very messy very quickly.


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