Is it time to ask her out?

So there's this girl, I don't go to school with Her but I see her nearly every weekend, we hang out, watch a few movies and just chill. Anyway, I have a giant crush on her. I've held her hand a couple times, but I'm not sure if this is a sure sign of her liking me. Anyway, today I'm going to be sleeping overnight at her house, and I was wondering if she wants me to make a move and ask her out? Or if I should just be more patient and see where things go?


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  • dude.. ask her out! Seriously, I think she is waiting for you to do a move. If I were you I would just ask her to go out sometime. But the fact that you guys hang out a lot, and you will sleep at her house today.. well it's pretty obvious. Just go for it, only then you'll know! :)

    • You're right of course... Just gotta work up the guts for it

    • you don't even have to ask, just try looking in her eyes, see if she looks away. If she looks away, there are two possibilities. 1. She is shy. 2. She knows what you are trying to do and she is not okay with it.
      If she looks back at you for longer than 2 seconds, you should just kiss her.. Maybe if she looks away and smiles, just gently move her head in your direction and see how she reacts on that? Then kiss her :D

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  • Just try little things, and give subtle hints. If she answers them you know she feels the same way. If she doesn't, try to be a little less subtle because she may not understand. If she doesn't do anything back, she probably doesn't feel that way about you and you should think very carefully about asking her out. It might also be that she is really shy, what kind of girl is she?

    • She's a pretty shy girl.. Likes drawing and stuff. I think she's been returning my subtle hints but I can't be sure... I suppose I should just go for it and see what happens..

    • Yes you should, if she's shy there is no way to know for sure. I think she really wants you to make that move, so go get her!

  • I think you should ask her out, it's good to know how she feels after all.. and even if she says no then you won't wonder anymore and you'll find the girl for you :)


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