He hasn't said "I love you"?

My boyfriend and I have been odf and on for over a year and a half. We broke up once for 5 months. I have said "I love you" to him and he ha yet to say it back. He says he feels love for me and texts me 💚 but has never said the actual words. rigjt now we're doing the long distance relationship thing because of his work and I just want to feel like I'm holding on to something real. He said he has never told a girlfriend he loves them before. Is it wrong of me to tell him to for the next month really think about his feelings for me and after that month if he can't say those words to me then it's time for me to move on? I'm 33 and don't want to waist time if you know what I mean. Or is it not fair to push him like that?


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  • Seems like he enjoys his space.

    • I know that he does yet does not want to let me go at the same time.

    • Some people are just like that i guess. I'm not but i know people that are

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