I used to date more in middle school than in high school :/ what happenned?

In middle school , i would always get asked out, in high school I've only had two boyfriends one freshman yr which doesn't really count because it was only a week and he played me and sophmore yr with a different guy that was in a different school, but since then not much, i do flirt/ have guy friends but i dont get asked out like I used to, i also feel that guys weren't as scared to ask girls out in middle school, but now im a junior and most of my friends have bf's :/ and im just here.. I've been lonely for a while. help?


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  • Guys are a little older now and the stakes are higher, they can really get hurt now. There are loads of subtle reasons that just happen to lean toward the same result. Why don't you just ask a guy out?


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  • You are ugly now.

    oh come on stop bitching around. I'm 16 and I have never had a bf or kissed a guy so what? STOP BITCHING AROUND LIKE A STUPID HOE COME ON DUDE GO AHEAD AND STUDY OR DO STUFF THAT YOU LIKE BOYS ARE NOT THE ONLY THING ON THIS PLANET

    • well its not my fault youve never had a bf so, YOU STOP bitching youve never had one , i certainly have other priorities first than guys which is my family, school, and other things, this is just somethingg i was wondering about, NOT BIG DEAL, its not like I worry all day about why i do t have a bf, i was just wonderin why this happend so CHILL.

    • You said that you felt lonely because you had 2 boyfriends this year. A lot of my friends have never had a bf before and I don't see them asking these kind of stupid questions or feeling lonely because they don't have a bf. You should go out with a guy that you like not every guy that just asked you out just for you to have a boyfriend.