Do you guys think he likes me?

I've been pretty good friends with this guy for a while now (over a year) and I have really strong feelings for him. He's so funny and sweet and he's my rock. I know he's told people that he liked me before but then he told the same person a few months later that he didn't anymore. But shortly after he figured out that person was friends with me he cut off all contact with him completely. He got jealous because I talked to his friend more than him. Now if any of his friends say anything bad about me he gets mad and tells them to back off. When we talk (and even if we're just close) he looks at me like I'm really something special to him. He can't look me in the eyes without smiling and blushing like crazy. He always finds ways to get close to me and the other day in gym I was walking in his direction to get some water and he stuck out his hand to me and he just held my hand for a second and it was so sweet! Do you guys think he likes me? He only acts like this in person, when I text him though he gives short responses and texts very slowly. I don't know what to think.


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  • I read half of this, Yeah, HE LIKEEEEEES you~

    lol tehee ~


  • Yeah i think he likes you lol


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