What should I do, give him a cold shoulder or being there all the time for him?

There's this guy I really like. He has told me that he has feelings for me (in fact he kissed me when he said so), and even I have feelings for him. However, he has just broke up with his girlfriend maybe 4 months ago, and he wants to have some good time with his friends and he has important exams coming up so for now he is not looking for anything serious, however he said that he wouldn't mind getting to know me better cause he really likes me and he would imagine having something with me in the future. However it's not the perfect timing. So, what should I do to capture his attention? Try to give him a bit of hard time/ cold shoulder? or be nice and be there for him all the time? Because I really don't know what to do.. Thanks a lot :)


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  • Sounds like you have already captured his attention, so no cold shoulder or he will think you are rejecting him. Cold shoulder is what some guys like before they kiss and say they have feelings for you (actually most guys don't like cold shoulder at all as it is easy to mistake for rejection). Def, be there for him, show him you are everything his bitch ex wasn't.


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