So I saw this really interesting girl working at this bakery as I was passing through but now not sure what to do?

I was passing through this really small town on my way to spend the weekend in another city and often stop at this bakery cause its really good. today I got some good baking and saw a really neat girl , she served me and I don't know that much about her but she was clearly all that and more , good looks , nice personality , small town girl with a great body maybe in her early 20's. she'd be the type you'd come home to , make dinner with , watch tv and have great sex as well. its not just that she had a great body as to why I liked her , she seemed really nice and I could tell rate away she'd be someone I'd want to be in a relationship with.

but now not sure I can do anything about this , I drive through that town again but seem to remember bakery is closed sunday? and worry I was way more into her than she was me and being a small town she might already have a bf anyways. but I could try and talk to her again maybe if I saw her there?


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  • You'll never know if you never try ;)

    • I feel that way too and even if she turned me down not like I go there a lot anyways sort of out of the way place in town I only occasionally pass through , she seems like type to already have a bf though I'm sure other guys want her she's really good catch

    • Well then don't hesitate!

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  • yeah go for it?

    • but I feel like I missed my chance to really talk to her , although she served me I never really tried to pick her up but tried to avoid looking at her butt like a perv as she was serving me she had to bend down or around a few things and wearing these tight black pants , but not really sure she was that interested in me I've been there before and never saw her till today

    • well I don't know don't think too much about it.. if u happen to go by there again and you saw her don't be afraid to say something to her.. you never know where it could lead to!:)

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