I slept over his house on the 2nd but we didn't have sex, are we still moving too fast?

I met a great man internet dating and we hit it off very well. Both of our profiles say that we are looking for a real relationship and he's 10 years older than me so we both have no time to waste.

Our first date lasted for HOURS and he quickly asked me for another date. We text everyday and we really enjoy each other's company.

Our second day ended up being overnight. He cooked me dinner and we started talking about our live. We started kissing and I told him that I didn't want to have sex right away and he said he was okay with that. We ended up cuddling on his couch and he asked me if I wanted to stay over. I told him I would stay. He didn't try anything and was a gentlemen the whole night.

I talked to my mom about this and she thinks I'm moving too fast with him. I know I kinda am but I REALLY like this guy and I can already see myself with him.

Are we really moving too fast? Should we start talking about relationship status soon?


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  • How are you moving too fast? You told him that you're not ready for sex yet and he told you that he's fine with that. You're just hanging out with each other for now. I don't see how that's "moving too fast".

    • That's what I told my mom! She made it sound like I fucked him all night long. I kept all my clothes on, even my socks!

      I think it's because I had sex with a man on the 2nd date before and it didn't work out well.

      I really gotta stop telling her stuff. :/

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  • Fast is subjective. What may be fast for one couple may be snail speed for another. Feel each other our and just go with the flow. Same with relationship status. Some couples are established after the first date. Others don't go exclusive until a year in.

    It is subjective and relative, not absolute.

    • Don't worry too much about what other people say about how you're dating. Make your own calls and then again, try to enjoy it rather than overly ruminate on the little details.

  • Too fast? No.
    Talk about relationship status soon? NO! *That* would be moving too fast.

  • Yeah. You're too easy.

    • 1) Fuck you.

      2) Troll

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    • The fact that you would defend slut shaming shows how much of a terrible person you are. Seek help.

      I had sex with the man that became my boyfriend for over a year. I felt comfortable at the time to do it so I have no regrets. It "didn't work out" because he was an abusive alcoholic.

    • And it's protection, you dumbass prick.

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  • If it feels right then it feels right, there's no scale. Go at a pace you are happy with, you seem naturally comfortable in his presence so enjoy your time together and don't worry about others :)

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