He wants to see me but takes FOREVER to reply. What should I do?

We're more friends than anything else but he definitely has feelings for me. Or is just attracted to me. Either way, he wants to see me a lot.

We text and I know he's got his phone with him. He wants to make plans. I reply and tell him when I'm aroubd and I ask if he is too and he just takes HOURS. And I would like to make other plans, I can't just hold up my day because he's playing games. I even talked to him about this haha. I just had to.

I almost want to tell him sorry just heard from a friend of mine who wants to get together that day, I can't now. Like just answer the question!

I was far more forgiving prior to this. This convo has been going on for 8 hours now. It could have ended in that many minutes

I think he's trying to play it smooth but he's just making it more of a pain for me at this point


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  • If he really wanted to see you then he would make it a priority, go about your life and don't wait around for him.

  • I have this problem a lot. My crush is always stuck up in Practice for Basketball & it's annoying when we make plans & he say's "Nevermind I have practice." Or when he says he has to take a "nap" but ends up on Facebook. I just leave him alone & don't text him at all until he texts me. If he doesn't text or come over then it's his loss. Honestly I think if you think a guy is making up excused , then it's commonly that he is & you should move on. Sooner or later he will catch on. Don't keep forgiving him or he's gonna think it's okay.