How can I talk to my crush?

I've had a crush on a guy for awhile now and I've tried talking to him but I kinda get hyper when I'm nervous and I think I creep him out. He is really shy and I never have anything to talk about when I get the guts to talk to him or the conversation ends very quickly. Can someone give me some tips? I really like him


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  • Hmmm lets see... Guys are pretty simple. You don't really need to try hard to show your affection. For example, if you want to show your affection by cooking, you don't need to cook a 3 course meal similar to a 5 star restaurant. In fact, it doesn't need to taste good at all... Guys, at least for me, would be very appreciative if you cooked for them at all. Any girl who bakes a cookie for me would go on my list of people to remember. The following is a list of simple things that would make me remember them:

    Smiling and saying hello
    Remembering the things I say even though it may not interest you that much
    Sitting next to me while we eat
    Telling jokes that naturally come
    Walking together to the next class

    I hope you've noticed this, all the things I've mentioned are things you may or may not do to your friends in general. Guys aren't creatures you need to impress to get their attention. Of course there are times where you want to show appreciation, like cooking food. However, the basic things are just as effective. Just be yourself like how you are with your other friends and stop trying to get him to like you, but to "fall" in love with you. So don't approach him like its a performance test where you have to get him to like you, approach him like one of your friends. That's the mentality that gets you so tense and nervous.

    Warning: this means that he might not like you because of your personality, but would you want a relationship to be forced, or something that naturally mends together?


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