Is it a dealbreaker if a guy you are dating has slept with a prostitute?

You like him and he hasn't done anything else wrong. Would it be a deal breaker? Assuming he's committed to you.

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Assume that he has no stds obviously.


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  • I honestly have no idea why this would be a problem. After I broke up with my girlfriend I seriously considered calling an escort. It's more difficult for a male to find someone to help take the pain away after a breakup. It is a simple transaction. It's way more honest than going to a bar or party and finding someone to sleep with. Any woman who would reject a guy over one simple action is an absolute idiot.


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  • Hey, I'd rather him spend about 50$ I take it on some random prostitute for sex than to RAPE one of y'all. So hey pick your poison. That is directed at all of those women saying if he paid for some booty he is a ___ well would your rather him just TAKE IT?

    I've never paid for sex, but I wouldn't knock any man who has, since these days you have to go through a lot of bullshit just to get your dicks wet LOL just keeping it real ^^

    • No. He doesn't have to do either. He can learn some self restraint and either find a woman who is interested in a strictly sexual relationship or... masturbate. You're making it seem like men are animalistic when it comes to sex...

    • @KillerTaco Lmao, what you said is true ^^ but people do things daily that they shouldn't have, right? so if he has the money and she is willing to sell her body Whats the problem? LOL

      you said, "either find a woman who is interested in a strictly sexual relationship" what if he is ugly and isn't working with much down there then what? because we both know that he has a better chance of seeing a green moon/pigs fly then getting laid unless he either rapes or pays for it >>

    • than getting laid*

  • That happened in the past... no?

  • Time is moving forward not backward , rather than worry past u should plan about what you want to do with him on future,.

  • What do u think, Asker?

  • If he's bragging about it it's a problem but if he regrets it you could forgive him. If you forgive him insist he see a doctor about the cleanliness of his penis

  • The people who are saying yes absolutely? The thing is prostitute serve a need for some man or woman
    They are still people , WHY DO YOU ALL THINK WOW THAT IS WRONG


What Girls Said 6

  • Yep... He probably caught some sexual transmitted disease.
    and honestly, that is just a desperate act. He was willing to pay a female for sex. Pathetic.

  • Hmm... I think any man that is desperate enough to pay for sex... has an issue. A serious issue.

    • Easy for you to say when all you have to do is walk up to any guy and ask if he wants sex. How many guys do you think will turn you down? Even if they did turn you down, how many guys would be completely offended by you coming on to them? Zero.

      So some guys can't easily find girls to have relationships with. It's better that they pay a WILLING girl who is WELL compensated than to go out and do something criminal out of frustration.

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    • @thewanderingme How would you know? Are you a male? No, you're not. Don't deny the truth, women wouldn't have to do anything to get laid unless they look like shit which thankfully isn't the case that often.

    • you're last statement about if they look like shit just about says it.

      let's be real, even an "average looking" girl randomaly asking a guy who's "good" looking would get shot down. don't fool yourself.

  • yes, if it happened while you are dating.

  • I would probably have to seriously think about the relationship, I wouldn't be sure if that's the kind of guy u want to be with. If he's really amazing and I love him, then no I wouldn't leave him.

  • It's absolutely a deal breaker. That's one of the lowest things a man can do. I wouldn't even let him touch me - no hand holding no nothing - if he did that. He's basically diseased now. Gross.

    • How so? How is paying a prostitute for sex that much different from meeting a girl at a bar, buying her $50 in drinks and then going home and sleeping with her? At least with the prostitute they both drop the pretense about what they are doing.

    • It just is. Although he's already lost his chance if he's ever had sex before anyway so I suppose it doesn't matter.

  • I'd say it depends on the circumstances. Generally, I don't think I'd care as long as I trusted him and knew he was clean.