She could be the one, long distance relationship, both romantics. Gifts? How to be romantic?

I'm 16 and she's 17 and what really made us really click is we're the same religion and almost all of our views towards things are the same. I met her about a month and a half ago and I haven't met a girl that made me happier. I've already made sure she wasn't catfishing me so I know it's really her. Today is her birthday and I finally asked her to actually be my girlfriend, she said yes. SIDE NOTE: We are going to meet up during spring break.

However, we are both big romantics and I'm not to sure how I can be romantic without actually physically being there or sending her something. The other issue is neither of our parents really know whats going on and sending gifts would be overboard this early.

So, What can I do, What can I get her, etc. to be romantic and make her happy?


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  • Sending post cards, writing sweet messages. Better spray them with your perfume before you send.
    Having dinners together over Skype.
    Google “To Fall in Love With Anyone, Do This". There are 36 questions that will help you become closer to each other emotionally. So you won't just talk about casual things.

    Sincerely from a person who had a 2- year long distance relationship


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