I have a sick obsession with eminem?

I literally think about at least one time a day. Not all day, but He comes to my mind at least once a day. I been obsessed with him since I was 7. I'm almost 23 now
He is the hottest man to me. I usually date men who have his personality traits and looks
How weird is this

And another thing is I don't want to marry or have kids, but if I find a man who looks like eminem and acts like him then I will


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  • Its not weird at all i love eminem everything about him he is SOO Hott too!!! I'm in the same boat with you


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  • I'm the same way but with Lana del Rey... by the way did you went to see Eminem whenhe was in concert with Rihanna at "the minter tour" I did :)

    • No I didn't have a job at the time so didn't
      I cried

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    • Haha I know! So jelly
      Who opened for them

    • No one they just started the concert Eminem was tied up in a chair and Rihanna has a black and flames suit it was pretty dope just the exit was a mess it took almost 2 hours to leave the rose bowl this is the concert that we went but this shot was close I was all the way in the back since my BFF got shitty seats https://youtu.be/PRx5uqvT-nk

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