GIRLS ONLY Be honest: what do girls prefer in guys?

I want a girlfriend. I'm not needy at all. What can I do to find a partner? Someone who is 19 - 25. What do girls look for in a guy? Everyone different but what are definite Turn offs and definite turn ons or things that make girls happy


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  • Turn on
    Good shape
    Clean guys
    Stable life meaning a job, own place , car that at least can Invite me to an ice cram believe me I know some can't even do that
    And we'll mannered

    Turn off
    Dirty poor hygiene
    Drugs or alcohol in excess
    And that he is a bum no car, no job no life

    • Would you say also that a needy guy is a turn off? Like a guy that is so insecure and too sensitive?

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    • What is itbabout cars? I know few guys with well-payed jobs who don't own a car simply becouse they do not need it. They are perfectly happy taking public transports, sharing rides and on occasions taxis. Car is unneccesary money drain and source of headache for some people and they do not own one by choice.

    • Heck no I'm not. Taking the bus at night to see a movie specially here in Los Angeles heck no!!! a car is a must I've been driving since I'm. 17 and will NEVER go out with a guy without a car... what for? To take the stinky bus no efing way... Successful guys have a car unless they're willing to pay for uber which here in Los Angeles is really expensive but no no no no a car is a must

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  • Turn ons:
    A great smile
    Open minded
    Passionate about something
    Beard of any length... facial hair is huge plus
    Loves traveling

    Turn offs:
    close minded
    Disrespectful especially to family (mine or even his)

  • I prefer a guy that is healthy, but also will go have a burger. Decent looking and a kind heart.

  • Honesty and integrity are important to me. Plus I like a hairy man with a big IQ


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