Is he the problem or is she?

My boyfriend and I have been in a long distance relationship for a year. He's in college 7 hours away from my home town while I'm still in high school. I've always trusted him even though it's hard to do so when I have people telling me not to.. Lately his friend (girl) has been texting him and offered him a job working with her. They would be traveling together to some cities nearby to do some work whenever needed and he would be driving her. My problem is that he had feelings for this girl about 3 months before him and I started talking and things didn't end well between them. Basically she dumped him. He says for me to trust him but now it seems as if she's interested in him. She's always calling and texting him and she knows I don't like her. I trust him but I don't trust her. I Don't want to tell him to quit because it's a well paying job but at the same time it's risking our relationship. I asked him how he felt if i would hang out with my ex every time he was with her and he got angry and said it wasn't the same thing. I don't know what to do.


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  • I wouldn't trust the girl either but I would either ask for some space to clear your head on what would be best for you to stay in a relationship knowing there is that question of why he's texting her back due to the fact if its not about work or working hours what does she need to talk to him about or trust him and see where it goes life is all about taking risk you have nothing to loose if your focusing on your future instead of a future with him so at least you know your in a happy place if things go south with your boyfriend but I would trust him and take a risk he hasent proved he's unfaithful or has done anything wrong with this girl