Calling all lesbians! Advice on gaining gaydar please?

Self explanatory
All and any advice is welcome


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  • I don't even really fucking know tbh, but here's a vid that should make you smile :)

    (It's filled with stereotypes, ofc, but all in good fun. Pretty sure the makers of the video are lesbians themselves, so.. yeah ahaha.)

    • You just made my heart flutter with exaggerated gravity.
      'Twas awesome! Best answer? Methinks so

    • Really? :o Well, thank you? :D

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  • Wow nobody has answered this.

    @lauramarx Might could help :)

    • lol, thanks for bringing this to my attention

    • @LauraMarx You're welcome. Nobody answered this so I said well I'm sure you can give her some help :)

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  • Thats a tough question! To be honest I don't really have a good one myself :/ I can kind of guess a girl is into girls when I'm talking to her a lot, but I can't always just like, look at a girl and think 'aha. a dyke.' lol. Unless she is in a very sterotypical butch or femme style - I think anyone could look at me and know I'm a butch lesbian, lol. But even then, sometimes I will talk to someone I totally read as lesbian and they'll come out as a het trans dude, so I've toootally misread it. And also sometimes girls I'm certain are het will surprise me and turn up with their gf or something lol.

    I think if you get to know more queers in your area you will be able to notice more queers in your area, but, I generally won't trust my gaydar enuf that I'll go and hit on girls I've never met before because I think she might like girls. That's a surefire way to get assaulted probably ;_;


    • Assaulted? Wtf
      How does hitting on a chick lead to getting assaulted? The worst that's ever happened to me is they stopped responding after it came clear I was into her

    • I guess it depends on what area u live in, lol. I'm in the rough part of town!!! [lookin mean and dangerous] ;)