Am I too stubborn? Does he still want to?

Me: When are you coming seeing me then?
Him: That's very poor use of English .
Me: Avoiding the question.
Him: When are you coming seeing me?
Me: I'll see you whenever i'm not working but every time I ask, you avoid the question... so i'll leave you alone if you'd like.
Him: Always such a drama queen. Forgive me for being reserved after your last bout of nastiness.

Basically he'd tried to get me to meet him for months but I was insecure and I upset him with mean comments a few times. I apologized and left him but he contacted me randomly. We started texting regular again and I learnt my lesson, I like him and i'm ready to finally meet. He's been flirting A LOT and complimenting me so I thought i'd ask to meet up.

Should i have just given him a day instead of being stubborn? Does he want to still meet else he wouldn't have asked when am I going seeing him?


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  • There is no rush, if you are ready to meet him, that doesn't mean it has to happen right away. It is possible that he became insecure this time because you turned him down once already. Just let him know somehow that you'd like to see him sometime.

    • I had turned him down a lot more than once. Thanks but i'd just text that i'll see him whenever i'm not working? ^... do you think he wants to see me from that thread ^ or no?

    • I think so yes, just dont be mean anymore, or he might get over you soon.

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  • He's probably returning the stubbornness.. and yes he's interested or he would not be returning to talk or text.


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  • Just ask. If he says no, or postpones like you did to him, don't ask again and reduce contact.

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