I like to once in a while go out with a guy, and make it CLEAR I don't want to date, but then they want to see me often. How can I work with this?

I've gotten quite good at making it clear I don't want a relationship. (And certainly should be clear I don't want anything else!! Haven't had a problem with that, thankfully)

I enjoy meeting guys and the different personalities and just having good conversation.

But they want to keep seeing me like a couple times a week. It ends up being once a week to a week and and a half. I would like it to be even less. But it's like, well I AM free. I don't ever accept the first plans or available day and only what works for me.

I'm worried it's giving the wrong impression. I enjoy seeing these people. It's just one guy at the moment though.

I feel like a lot of my time is being taken up... It annoys me. I want us to be friends though.

I feel like I'm doing this wrong. Please help me figure this out.


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  • If you want to remain friends, you still need to compromise a little, im not saying to go out of your way to help them, but at least hang out every once and a while. Maybe choose someplace, or some activity you would enjoy with him. once every 2-3 weeks is still ok, they should understand that you are busy otherwise.

    • Thank you, yeah 2-3 weeks is I think better for me more because I know he likes me more than a friend. I value our friendship but I don't really see any one female friend more often than that. Maybe that is why it feels like a lot more often than it is.

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