Searching for a woman is truly consuming me. Help?

I never had a gf. I'm 29, have a good job, my own home and am physically active.
The problem is, I was bullied throughout my youth and I'm from a minority. I faced ostracism in school, university (because a lot of the jerks from school went to my university and badmouthed me right at the start, and they all happen to be popular), and am left out at work. People at work will be polite, but don't invite minorities like me out.
As a result, I have a few acquaintances but no one to hang out with, don't get invited to parties, and struggle to meet new people.

All the clubs/volunteer groups in my area are full of old people.
When I try and make new friends, people tell me that they are already satisfied with their existing network and aren't looking for new friends. (hurtful but honest).

I have no way of meeting a new girl.
I tried online, but girls don't even visit my profile. They don't even respond to me. They never initiate either.

I am so depressed, have tried everything and feel like no one can help me. I've had to take time off work. Searching for love is consuming me. I was hoping that some time off work would resolve things over the christmas/ new years period, but I was wrong. No difference.

What can I do?
Nobody wants me. Nobody wants a loner or minority guy, even if he has a strong mind, fought all obstacles, has a well-balanced life, good career, own place, kind personality. I hate this racist, judgmental world.
Please note: I don't project this negativity when I try to talk to new people/ women. This post sounds negative because I'm venting out my frustration - I'm at my wit's end.


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  • I hate people who make other peoole who make other people feel terrible. I recently learned that depression/stress is only in our brain. And that means that with the Right help you could cure your depression.

    Also don't take shit from anybody. Don't let them walk all over you.. Don't tolerate it. If you wouldn't have tolerated it from the bullies at the start... It still wouldn't be going on today. Don't take shit from ANYBODY. Not even your own parents. Make sure they know that it's not okay to do that to you.

    As for the women part... You'll find the lady for you in time. There's somebody for everybody... And if conjoined twins can get a boyfriend... I'm pretty sure you'll find the Right woman for you easily.


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  • Ouch, that sounds sad but I know how you feel on the no friends and no place to hang out part.. or maybe its just me that's too lazy to go out. Okay but anyway! Why don't you travel around? You know, calm your mind just a little, this may sound lame but you don't search for love, unfortunately it comes when you're lease unexpected. So right now, just focus on you, and go and have fun a little bit instead of worrying.

  • I was bullied also when i was younger. I was so ugly back then, i have acne and i was really fat. But then i started working out and saw the dermatologist. At a reunion, they were all shocked of how i look, and really they stopped calling me names.


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  • well good thing you are financially stable and are a home-owner

    • how long have you been single?

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    • What's your age?

    • Are you 25 or 29?