Why did he do this to me?

So basically i have a co worker, we dont work at the same store but we have worked in each others stores, just when they needed some extra people. We have become very good friends, and I've invited him to some of my parties and we have had some chemistry and madeout before, but we are just friends.
We do talk a lot so we are good friends, and we enjoy flirting with eachother.
Yesterday our work had a annual year party, but he was acting so weird towards me.
He wasn't giving me any attention, and he didn't really talk to me or include me in anything which was so weird.
He kept dancing and flirting with a lot of other girls and didn't pay any attention to me at all. When the party was over we had a work buss take us back to the city and he sat next to me on the buss but again had his attention to other girl co workers, and he ended up leaving with two of the girls, asking where i was going and i said home, he didn't invite me or anything, he just gave me a hug when he left.

I just think the situation was so weird since we talk pretty much everyday and are so close and he treats me this way


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  • Because you've put him in the friend category even though you've MADE OUT. You don't make out with just friends, I'm sorry.
    He probably really likes you and he's heart broken that even though he's gotten to whatever America base making out is with you, you gave him nothing, you acted as if it meant nothing to you.


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  • you blew your chances with him by putting him in the friendzone... Looks like he didn't particularly mind it. No big loss... plenty of fish... and all that

    • Well he doesn't want to date anyways, i mean he doesn't live in my town, we are both students so we are both ok with being friends but what i dont understand is why he ignored me AS HIS FRIEND

    • Don't take it personally... But paying attention to female friends while trying to score with other girls is almost impossible. Female friends can really cramp a man's style while he is trying get cozy with other girls. Women tend to be a little suspicious of platonic relationships... But don't feel too bad, guy friends do this to each other too.
      And umm, your friend sounds like a little bit of a player. I would never kiss a girl who I do not want to have sex with. I'm just saying... I try not to be judgmental.
      Anyway, I digress. Just smile and pretend nothing has offended you. Don't give him the satisfaction of knowing that he can get under your skin.

  • sounds like he overdid some jealousy tactic. He sounds like a player.


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  • He is an opportunist.
    When you are alone he will take the opportunity to flirt with you.
    When there are other girls around of interest to him, he will take the chance to flirt with them.
    He is just a man who wants to have fun.
    He enjoys no strings attached relationships and messing around.
    He isn't someone you should catch feelings for.
    He made it clear how he views you, and that is has a hook up and nothing more.

    • I know but its weird because we are good friends and yesteday he made it seems as if he didn't know me.

  • Either talk to her and give her a chance to change, or leave. That's all you can really do.

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