What to do with this kind of text threat?

My ex friend's ex sent me a text saying something about our situation which was not even the whole truth.

He then said basically to not bag her out. I was hurt by her actions and venting. She must have been to him as well.

You and your entire family better watch out, I have nothing to loose and not afraid to act without thinking.

I honestly have just been wanting to let this go now. Then he comes into the mix.

Should I mention this to my ex friend or not bother? I don't wanna cause any more dramas or make him more on edge.

Never been in this situation before...

Even though I hate what she has done. I don't want to get her ex into trouble and ruin his chances with his daughter.


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  • Tell him that you find what he says incredibly inappropriate, it's not his place to get involved and if he continues sending such texts, you will report him to the police for making threats. He should stop after that (it usually works when you involve the police) but if he doesn't, ignore his messages. He most likely will do nothing. She most likely knows he's contacted you so don't talk to her about it. Ignore them both and move on in life.

    • I sent that text to some of my other friends and they noticed that she has distorted the story to, to look like she was the victim. Roll eyes.

      I will let this one go but if he sends another one will mention the Police. I don't really want to get anyone in trouble though. I don't want things to get worse then they already are.

      I had even left it before he sent me that. Just want to move past what happened and forget her.

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