If you're a girl dating a guy that's exactly like you, will it last?

So I'm 16 year old female dating an 18 year old male. He always talks about how alike we are and that we'll last because of it. I feel like we won't though because he calls be good mini me which never sounds like a good thing. So what I'm curious about is should I worry that my relationship won't last because of us being so alike. And I love this guy so I'm scared to lose him since he's also my first boyfriend ever. Advise please on him being my first boyfriend, losing our virginty to each other, and us being so alike.
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  • at your age... like 99 percent of all relationships eventaully fail. sorry to say... even majority marriages in your early 20s will fail... its just numbers... people have to developes themselves first through growing and experiencin life and when someone crosses your path of direction/destination and timing... and your attraction and understanding/love is there, then it may last.


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  • At your age, you're likely to have multiple relationships before you find the right one. People disagree on whether relationships are better if you are similar, or if you are different, but thinking that you're alike be he tells you that you are doesn't sound like a good basis.

    It sounds like you have doubts, and I think you should listen to them. Enjoy your time with him, but don't let yourself be manipulated by him... and don't be pressured into things if you are the least bit uncomfortable. You'll know when the person -- and the time -- is right. And you won't be asking us about it.

    • Well I only asked because people talk so much on our relationship and have like no faith in us :/

What Girls Said 1

  • Hmm it's really hard to say. It's hard having the first boyfriend last "forever". Many people are lucky to find one and stick to it. But majority don't. Including me! Try not worrying about it so much (*˘︶˘*) it's your first! Go with the flo and enjoy the happy moments :D. If you really care about him and same towards you then that's all that matters ( ^ω^)


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